Ed Orcutt has earned a reputation in Olympia as an effective, independent leader who works hard to make things happen for the families in Southwest Washington, including:


I believe the state should treat employers as partners, not as an enemy. We must recognize that they generate tax dollars and create needed family-wage jobs. I back up that belief by supporting legislation to encourage the growth of all businesses and to help preserve existing jobs in our communities. It is critical for us to protect existing jobs, to enable employers to expand and create new jobs, and to attract new employers to our area. In addition to reasonable policy, I continue to work with local officials to assure they have the infrastructure needed to attract employers and to improve access to commercial lands.


During every legislative session, my goal is to enable the use of our state's valuable natural resources. By working with my colleagues I have been able to achieve this goal, while ensuring private citizens are protected against unnecessary regulations. That means protecting farmers' ability to farm and protecting forest landowners' ability to grow and harvest timber.


State government must be required to live within its means. That's what your family, and mine, must do every day. Funding good schools is a responsibility I take very seriously. We need to set priorities and fund education, public safety, and services for our most vulnerable citizens out of existing revenue — not hold them hostage for approval of new taxes.

Prime Sponsored Bills

HB 1906 Allowing the expansion of counties qualifying for the farm internship program, including certain southwest Washington counties. (REVISED FOR PASSED LEGISLATURE: Allowing the expansion of counties qualifying for the farm internship program.) Signed by Governor
HB 1907 Concerning abandoned cemeteries. Signed by Governor
HB 1908 Restricting aggressive panhandling at public rest stops and rest areas.
HB 2193 Requiring the beneficiaries of the Alaskan Way viaduct project to pay for cost overruns from the project.
HB 2220Authorizing the issuance of temporary ORV use permits for wheeled all-terrain vehicles.
HB 2391 Concerning the Washington plane coordinate system.
HB 2733 Establishing a prescribed burn certification program at the department of natural resources. Signed by Governor
HB 2749 Allowing a local sales and use tax as a credit against the state sales tax for rural high-speed internet infrastructure without increasing the total sales and use tax rate.
HB 2917 Allowing leased land in a mobile home park or manufactured housing community to qualify for the senior, veteran, and persons with disabilities property tax exemption.
HB 2918 Providing rental assistance to mobile home park tenants.
HB 2919 Concerning family cemeteries.
HB 2934 Concerning the use of wheeled all-terrain vehicles on state routes.
HB 2935 Allowing an additional property tax exemption for seniors, veterans, and persons with disabilities leasing land in a mobile home park or manufactured housing community.
HR 4676 Honoring Washington FFA members.

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