Ed Orcutt has earned a reputation in Olympia as an effective, independent leader who works hard to make things happen for the families in Southwest Washington, including:


I believe the state should treat employers, who generate tax dollars and create needed family-wage jobs, as partners, not the enemy. I back up that belief by supporting legislation to encourage the growth of all businesses and to help preserve existing jobs in our communities. It is critical for us to protect existing jobs, to enable employers to expand and create new jobs, and to attract new employers to our area.


During every legislative session, my goal is to enable the use of our state's valuable natural resources. By working with my colleagues I have been able to achieve this goal, while ensuring private citizens are protected against unnecessary regulations. That means protecting farmers' ability to farm and protecting forest landowners' ability to grow and harvest timber.


State government must be required to live within its means. That's what your family, and mine, must do every day. Funding good schools is a responsibility I take very seriously. We need to set priorities and fund education first — not last. We need to fund education, public safety, and services for our most vulnerable citizens out of existing revenue — not hold them hostage for approval of new taxes.

Prime Sponsored Bills

HB 1384 Streamlining natural resources management.
HB 1385 Modifying the time limit for state officials to solicit or accept contributions.
HB 1386 Requiring a superior court judge to be a qualified voter in a county served by the superior court he or she is elected or appointed to.
HB 1387 Eliminating the periodic replacement requirement for license plates. Fiscal Note
HB 1388 Increasing penalties for vehicular homicide and vehicular assault. Fiscal Note
HB 1389 Addressing the rights of crime victims.
HB 1390 Prohibiting local governments and state agencies from mandating the installation of fire sprinkler systems in agricultural structures.
HB 1397Adding a requirement to sexual health education to include elements of and consequences for conviction of sexual offenses where the victim is a minor.
HB 1427 Addressing the evasion of taxes by the use of certain electronic means. Fiscal Note
HB 1478 Providing a moratorium on rule making.
HB 1479 Allowing leased land used for the placement of a mobile home to qualify for the senior, disabled, and veteran property tax exemption.
HB 1600 Helping to ensure the viability of small forest landowners. Fiscal Note
HB 1690 Permitting entities to qualify for cost recovery incentives from solar energy systems located on real property of the entity's controlling owner.
HB 1752 Modifying requirements for the operation of commercial motor vehicles in compliance with federal regulations. Fiscal Note
HB 1801 Addressing conflicts of interest in certain construction contracts. Fiscal Note
HB 1802 Addressing compensation paid to peace officers while enrolled in basic law enforcement training. Fiscal Note
HB 1803 Concerning financial responsibility requirements for registered vehicle owners. Fiscal Note
HB 1990 Concerning the construction of ferry vessels.
HB 1996 Concerning environmental standards related to transportation projects.
HB 2077 Concerning retail theft.
HB 2078 Concerning clarification of the requirements for payment of infrastructure for fully contained communities.
HB 2203 Amending the definition of commercial airplane for specific tax preferences to include other types of commercial aircraft to encourage the migration of good wage jobs in the state. Fiscal Note
HB 2648 Addressing legislative members' voting rights on regional transportation planning organization policy boards. Fiscal Note
HB 2693 Extending specific aerospace tax preferences to include other types of commercial aircraft to encourage the migration of good wage jobs in the state. Fiscal Note
HB 2741 Concerning requirements before issuance of an initial vehicle registration. Fiscal Note
HB 2765 Concerning fish passage enhancement projects by the department of transportation.
HB 2766 Providing business and occupation tax relief for monthly publication newspapers.
HJR 4206 Placing restrictions on tax increases.
HJR 4207 Amending the state Constitution to modify eligibility requirements for superior court judges.